Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bieber Fever?

Emily asked me what I named my blog.  I said, "Never Say Never."  She gave me a weird look and said "the Justin Bieber song??  Eww."  So, yeah, didn't name it after him in case your tween was wondering!

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First Day of School 2011

The kids both had a great day at school!  Emily made a friend, Katie, who reminds her of her friend Noelle.  Evan made a friend, Braden, who reminds him of his friend Andrew.  They are both excited to go back tomorrow.  They told us that they are to use manners at school and answer with no/yes ma'am and sir, walk on the right side of the hallways, and no talking in line at the cafeteria.  Wowsers!  I am glad that they will be learning these type of manners though.  I will be getting to school half an hour earlier to pick up the kids so I can be first in the pick up was ca-ra-zy today and I had to wait quite a bit. 

I was very frustrated today with the lack of interest in our house in Evansville.  I just really want to be in control.  And I am so frustrated that it is not getting sold when I want it to.  I keep trying to just relax and trust.  Why it was easier to move 9 hours away and trust Him than it is to trust Him that the house WILL sell in HIS perfect timing - I am not sure.  I guess I am so used to just controlling my environment and schedule as much as I possibly am physically able to.  Today I found myself trying to count down already - how quickly can we get through these next two months??  Get out of the situation of having a house for sell in Indiana, two hours of driving every day, and no home to call our own in NC...  Not focusing on the blessings nor what God is wanting to do right now.  I found myself doubting what we are doing.

Then He reminded me how a month ago I read "Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl" by Lysa TerKeurst.  She says, "David had to wait.  He didn't wonder or resist why God had put him in this most unlikely place for an anointed king.  He didn't let his mind be carried off by doubt or insecurity.  He just accepted that God had led him where he was supposed to be - the right place for right now.  - I find myself wanting to rush things, to get past the waiting as quickly as possible.  Sometimes I forget that God is doing significant things around me and in me even while I am waiting."

Yup, He wants me to live in today...not tomorrow.  And to leave it all up to Him to work out.  I am needing to pray about this almost constantly  - which is ok.  I will have Jesus Fever instead of Bieber Fever...LOL!

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