Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Two

So, I thought I'd create this blog so everyone who wants to stay up on the Kissel family can easily. I've never done this, so bear with me!

So far so good here. We (including the kitties) are somewhat settled at Jeff's aunt and uncle's house. They will have been in this area for a year at the end of October.  The fact that they are so gracious in welcoming the four of us and our cats is something God had worked out for us before we even knew this was a possibility.  Got to love how He has it all done ahead of us....why do we continue to try to march out ahead of Him?  He does it perfectly, where we would only mess it up!  :)

Got groceries yesterday and planned a few meals. I brought my grandmother's old sewing machine because Aunt Sue has offered to help me learn a bit on it - have always had a HATE relationship with that machine!! She has taken up quilting and it looks pretty neat.  Maybe...

I have researched online for Bible studies and found Priscilla Shirer's 'Jonah' study being offered starting in September at a ginormous church called "Calvary" in south Charlotte. It is about what happens when God interrupts your life. LOL. Think that that might be the 'one.'   Although the size of this church intimidates me!

Tonight is Open House for the kids at their new school - Wesley Chapel. Thursday is the first day of school. Might take the kids tomorrow to Lake Norman State Park where there are hiking trails and a beach with swimming before school starts...they are going to have to get up super early for their hour ride to school each morning for the next 2 months until the house is done and ready to move in to.

Jeff's job is going really well - he has been able to step right in and know what he is doing and really hit it off well with his boss and the 14 under him.  The kids and I are going to meet everyone today and see his office.

We have another showing on the house today - we have actually had quite a few.  There is a buyer out there, but as our realtor says, it is a patient market.  I think this is what I have had to have the most faith with...and that I have the most anxiety over.  But, I know that God has this detail worked out like He has everything else.

I was reminded yesterday, again, that our situation is not one to be sad about...  A friend and sister in Christ that Jeff and I went to school with in our class received news about cancer being back...in her bones.  I am thankful today for health and family.  I think He used Evan's scare with his belly problems and tests to show me what indeed is important.  And where you live is minimal compared to so many other things...

I really feel like God is carrying me through all of this. There were minimal tears in front of anyone except for poor Jeff over the weekend and I am calm and at peace. Maybe in a few weeks I will feel differently, but I hope not. I am extremely thankful for email, facebook, and texting so far...and for all of your support and prayers throughout all of this. Your friendships are worth more than you will ever know!

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