Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fuddruckers & 3-Eyed Fish OR Tuesday and Wednesday...whichever...

Tuesday:  Tuesday afternoon the kids and I met up with Jeff at his office.  He introduced me to Phillip, the VP that called him up originally about the job in Matthews.  I resisted the urge to make any comments about him being the man that turned my world upside-down, etc..  ;)  We saw Jeff's office and met a few other people.  Then we walked to a nice area near his office and ate some Subway outside - it was beautiful weather out!  We then went to our home lot to show the kids and went back to the model home to hang out for a minute.  The lady who sold the home to us that works there - Rachelle (yes, that is my middle name and no, I've never known anyone with that name!) - has been awesome to work with and Jeff and I love visiting with her and joking around.  She has to sell 21 more homes in the neighborhood before they put the community pool in, so I have told her I am going to bribe her with cookies!  She's probably our first friend in NC!  LOL. We then went to the Open House at the kid's school - Wesley Chapel Elementary.  What a great first impression of the school!  Everyone is just so dang friendly here in NC! (Except for the chick who stole my parking spot at Walmart the other day!)  Emily's teacher is Mrs. Plyler for fourth grade.  When we walked in and said, 'this is Emily.'  She immediately knew Kissel was our last name and we were coming from Indiana.  She had prepared and made us feel welcome immediately.  I think there are only 22 or so kids in Emily's class.  Evan's teacher is Mrs. Gordan for first grade.  She was just hired this week due to them needing another first grade teacher.  I think Evan's class is even smaller than Emily's.  She is originally from Illinois which is cool and had her room decorated in frogs and had some tadpoles swimming.  We topped off the afternoon with a dinner at Fuddruckers - our favorite hamburger place ever.

Wednesday:  The kids and I started off by driving to the school so Emily could take a test to see if she is considered 'High Ability' here like she was in Indiana.  She passed that, so she will be in 'AIG' for reading and math with other 4th graders in the morning.  It is like she will have two teachers/classrooms this year.  Kind of neat cause she will meet so many kids.  I believe there are only 3 4th grade classes anyway!  She was super excited to 'pass' the test and get in.

Emily & Evan on a trail at Lake Norman State Park
We then drove back up to north of Charlotte to Lake Norman State Park.  The kids and I had a picnic lunch, hiked some trails, then went swimming in the lake.  It was fun and very pretty!  Lake Norman was created by Duke Energy to cool their nuclear plants I believe.  Jeff cracked joke after joke about 3-eyed fish and glowing, etc.  So far we are not glowing...good sign.

I have found another women's study at a Catholic church for newcomers to Charlotte area.  It is based on the book, "After the Boxes are Unpacked:  Moving On After Moving In" by Susan Miller - a Focus on the Family book.  How awesome is it that one of my friends who moved to Ohio last year, Summer, mailed this book to me a few weeks ago.  A friend had given it to her to read when they moved and asked that Summer pass it on when it was time.   Anyway, I guess that this church does this study over and over and gets women plugged in in lunches, Girls Nights, bunco groups, etc.  That study is on Wednesdays and the other one - on Jonah - is on Tuesdays.  They both start in September.  I will be praying about which one or whether I should do both!

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  1. Amy,
    Love your blog! It really does sound like you're on His path and that He taking care of you along the way. I am glad your move has gone well and that things are falling into place for your family. The women's group sounds great so enjoy it.