Friday, September 30, 2011

Bring Peace To All Who Enter - Even The Thieves!

Another week is gone...time is going by so quickly.  I can hardly believe it is 4 weeks til we move in!  I am getting very excited.  Yet, the time getting short is causing Jeff and I to waver in our faith.  We are struggling hourly to trust Him in His plan with the sell of our home in Evansville.  The people who saw our home on Sunday and the people on Tuesday both liked it...but have since put other houses above ours on their lists.  The approaching two mortgages, company relocation money running low, and Christmas coming is in our thoughts - but He has our best in mind.  He will provide.  Amazingly the thousands that we had to pay for the medical stuff for Evan and Jeff has not been a burden to us...He works it out...and if it does become a burden - He will teach us, strengthen us, and make us better during that time.

This week has been weird.  Very roller coaster-y for me.  Besides the house stuff in E'ville, our new home had electrical wiring cut and stolen two nights in a row.  Frustrating!  I can't help but pray for them.  My parents wrote a prayer near the front door.

"Bring peace to all who enter."  - Yes, Lord, please do that.  So many of us have been so desperate to try whatever we can to 'fix' our situation.  Just let them learn that they can rest in You!

Emily has dealt with learning what popularity is.  I very much remember learning that in 4th grade, too.  I however began my descent into "I am who others say I am."   She has befriended a girl that isn't the most likeable and is 'one day a best friend one day doesn't like her' and has some personal issues going on.  Some decisions had to be made by Jeff and I due to some of what had been shared about her life to Emily.  Hopefully now some situations will be worked on for the benefit of the girl.  I am all for Emily being kind and showing the love of Christ to everyone, I do think though, that at this age, she does not need to put herself knowingly into relationships that could possibly cause her to stumble.  So a lot of encouragement this week from us and her teacher to continue to be kind, but to branch out and make other friends.  Not sure whether the teacher helped this along or not, but since we have been talking about this, Emily is now being invited to sit at different tables at lunch and play with different girls at recess. The girls in class are being very kind to open up their 'circles' and include her now.  I hope to sit down with Emily in the next few days and start going over some verses that I just had to learn over the past 5 years...ones that affirm who I am in Christ.  I never believed any of them with my heart.  "I am who God says I am now."  I can't imagine learning these truths and believing them with your heart at a young age...what a gift that would be!  If anyone would like this list of verses about how much He adores you I would love to share it with you.  A favorite quote of mine from pastor Rick Warren: 
"When you realize how much God loves you - with an extravagant, irresistible, unconditional love - then His love will change your entire focus on life."

I had lunch on Wednesday with 3 sweet moms from Emily's class at Panera.  Felt so normal to just sit and talk about school.  There is a new principal this year who is enforcing the rules, causing some of the 'strictness' so everyone (new or old) is learning together...lots to talk about! :)  Very sweet ladies!  I have joined a social website for Union County Moms.  There are tons of moms on there and it is a great resource to ask questions, etc.  Anyway, I've only been on there a handful of times and decided to introduce myself the other day.  I ended up starting a conversation with a girl named Wendy and we met up for lunch yesterday.  She moved here in March and lives in the neighborhood right next to ours.  She has a first grade daughter, a two year old daughter, and is due with her third daughter at the end of Oct.  I have felt like I have had to force myself to make these dates and do these things...I never want to do them, but afterwards I am always glad I do.  I could easily just be a hermit right now, no one would now.  But I know that I need fellowship.  Yesterday morning I was supposed to call Wendy and let her know if I did indeed want to meet up.  So, after a headache for two days, a crappy day before, and up at 4:30 because of that - I just did not want to...I sighed a prayer (or maybe it was a whine...God I don't want to do this...) and a verse came immediately to me.  "Do not stop meeting together."  Of course I don't ever know the whole verse or the address, but have since looked it up.  Hebrews 10:25 says "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day approaching."  I called her up, we met, and she told me a pretty neat story about the nondenominational church they have been going to since they moved here.  I looked it up last night and it looks pretty neat.  Definitely one we will be trying out.  She has been saved and baptized since March.  I can't help but feel like it was a divine meeting.

Oh, and I just have to add that I was very proud of myself yesterday because I learned how to look up what indicator light was on in the van, check my tire pressure, and fill my tires to the appropriate amounts.  Yes, I have never done that.  I usually just freak.  :)  Go me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Great Weekend

Checking out the living room
We had such a great weekend!  My parents came for the weekend on their way to Myrtle Beach.  Saturday we showed them around the area.  We went to a consignment shop in Indian Trail and I met one of our new neighbors there.  She recognized me and my van from the neighborhood and the school pickup line and introduced herself.  We moved on to the house and were so excited to walk through it and show it to my mom and dad.  We all wrote Bible verses of our choice on the floors and walls - Emily drew some pictures, too.  We stopped in at the model home and showed them what the finished product will look like too and they met Rachelle.
Evan wrote this on his bedroom floor:  James 2:23 "Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness and he was called the friend of God."  Evan's favorite song is "I am a Friend of God"
We had a great lunch at Fuddrucker's then headed to the Reed Gold Mine where the first gold in America was discovered in 1799.  It was a really cool place - a little museum, actual underground old mine to tour, old stamp mill, trails, and then panning for gold.  Evan found a piece and so did I.  We then got to swim at my parent's hotel, which was really fun.  You know, when we said we were leaving, so many people told us that we will have such a great time with our family now because all of our time will be quality spent time.  Not that we weren't having a good time with them before, but I think you start to take for granted having people around and seeing them regularly. 
This was hard work!
Evan and Grandpa

Bargain tables - all 4 for under $100.
Saturday morning Tony and Sue's neighborhood had yard sales.  I got 3 tables for the house -one of them being rather old.  I got one off of Craig's List last week too :)  I love the way old furniture is sanded down and painted but still looks old and beat up. Gonna try some of that out with the old table I think.  I have so many projects floating around in my head that I think I will be busy for the next few years!!  Last Tuesday I went to a quilting class.  I have the blocks for a lap Christmas lap quilt sewn together and arranged on a board - ready to start putting them together.
My quilt

Evan got 'Star Student' in his classroom on Friday!  He was SO excited!  He had been trying his hardest to be awarded it ever since Emily got it.  This week he gets to talk to the class about different things about him each day.

I invited the 4 moms that I have met in Emily's classroom to meet for lunch tomorrow.  They all agreed!  I am praying for friendships and God to place the perfect friends in my life.  Somehow, I have NO IDEA how this happened (LOL), I have been asked to consider taking on the Auction Item Coordinator position for Wesley Chapel's Spring Fling Thing in May.  So, I need to figure out if I want to jump in head first or not!  

We had another showing Sunday, but no feedback.  We have another one today at 3:30.  If you read this before then, please pray that our home would be the perfect fit for them.  I waver back and forth between panic and then resting completely and just KNOWING that our house is going to sell in the perfect timing.  I know He is working.  Please Lord, help my unbelief!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boasting About My Weaknesses

It was July 6th in the afternoon and I was sitting at a desk outside a patient's room.  I was finishing up an evaluation on a patient to come for rehab services and my phone buzzed.  A text from Jeff.  One that made my heart drop to the ground with excitement, yet total and complete terror.  He had received a call out of the blue from a VP at the North Carolina office, complimenting him on his performance at work, telling him about a job opening in NC, and asking Jeff what it would take to get him out there for that job. We had been praying for just this!!!! - BUT always assuming it would be in Evansville because that was our plan.  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. (Isaiah 55:8)  God had been preparing me for this.  For the past year I had been unsettled in my spirit - not unhappy or depressed - just unsettled.  5 years ago I simply would have said no.  One year ago I would have, but I would have been completely incapacitated by my thoughts and emotions.  Even 6 months ago I wasn't fully prepared - He was still changing me.  I am not saying I am fully prepared now, but I am in the place where I need to be so that I can allow God to give me His strength.

This week in Bible study Priscilla told us on the video that He gives us our desires.  He can change our desires.  And Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you [or even change] the desires of your heart."   Please Lord, change my desires to be making a joyful home and life in North Carolina until You want us elsewhere!  My desire was NOT to leave all that was familiar and comfortable to me.  It was not to go somewhere foreign - somewhere that was not in my life vision/plan.  I had been praying for His will to be done in our lives for years though.  And if I was going to pray for His will, then when His will was presented, what do I do with that?  Now that Jeff and I have obeyed, I hope that we can obey further and have good attitudes about our decision - the last thing I want to do is become depressed and a martyr....poor me, look what He has done to us.  No, "Look at me!  He asked us to go and we did!  Look what He is doing for us and in us!  Just look at what His plan was!"  This is from Him - Satan would never want us to be in a place in our lives where all we want to do is cling to the Lord - where I have to tap into His strength daily!  The second verse of Jonah starts with two words to Jonah from God.  "Arise, go..."  When God calls, I want to be bold enough to follow Him.  In my weakness I can see clearly that He is strong.  And right now, I see that He is who I have to depend on.

As I was saying, even a year ago I would not have been able to do this.  I tend to depend on others to build me up, to give me strength, to make me happy, to give me joy, to give me definition and purpose.  He is the only One who can do this right now...and I am ok with that right now only by His power.  Why am I writing this?  I am missing my friends.  I am missing being a part of the activities that I defined myself by - ones that gave me a small sense of security because I was surrounded by my family, friends, and sisters.  It is hard to see life go on at home - I knew it would continue on.  And it should.  I knew it would be hard.  He is being so gracious to me though because it is not crippling me like it would have in the past.  He has prepared me to handle this with His strength.  There is simply no other explanation as to how I am doing this - I'm not, He is.

2 Corinthians 12:9  Each time he said, "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We're a Bit More Southern Now

Jeff, Evan, and Emily with Frankenstein ears - I mean earplugs - at the races.
Friday evening we became a bit more Southern by attending an event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Complex.  We went the NHRA Drag Racing Qualifications.  (Baby steps - it was NOT a NASCAR event, but it was racing and there were lots of men drinkin' beer and a few skinny, large busted trophy girlfriends.) It was a fun evening, except it was really quite chilly...the type that when you sit on a metal bleacher your butt stays cold for a long time after you get up.  We probably stuck out like a sore thumb when we all gasped, ooed, awed, and laughed after the first funny car race.  It was so loud that everything vibrated around us and on us!  Is that why they are called funny cars?  Hrm...

Our house is moving along.  Now that it looks like a house I am very excited!!  This week they will get the heating/air, electric, plumbing, roof done.  Next week drywall!   I have been 'just looking' at curtains, shower curtains, furniture, etc. for a few weeks now.  It is odd how my tastes are changing some.  I am starting to get in to the antiquey type of stuff.  Shabby Chic - LOVE it!!  And I've decided since I will have more counter space I NEED a glass cake stand with a lid to have on my counter, displaying whatever goodie we tend to always have made.  Which leads me to report that I did finally make it back to a Weight Watchers meeting today. 

I have finished my first official quilting project - and really enjoyed it!  Tomorrow evening I am taking a quilting class - a gift from Sue.  How nice is that?

I think that the kids are having a hard time right now.  We have had to clamp down on some attitude issues as of late and get more firm.  There have been quite a few tears.  Evan told me he wanted to go home yesterday.

Last week both of the kids had unfortunate stuff happen at school.  I felt bad for them!!  Emily had a sub teacher last week who put her in charge of monitoring whether the class was being quiet during a bathroom break.  The sub clearly told the whole class that Emily was to tell her if anyone talked at all. (I think that should be the teacher's job, but no one asked me!)  Well, of course, one of Emily's new friends was the only one who talked.  Emily knew she needed to be honest so she told the teacher.  And, now, Brianna says that Emily is not her friend anymore.  Great.  Another day last week Evan's shoe strap broke.  Sketchers that had only been worn for 2 1/2 weeks - they got an email from me needless to say.  Anyway, when he was in line at the end of the day the little boy behind him was stepping on the back of his shoes and so Evan turned around to tell him to stop-that his shoe was broken.  Well, of course, Evan got busted for talking.  We have since talked to his teacher and it is all good...that little boy actually has been in a lot of trouble so it wasn't a surprise to them when we explained.  It is definitely more strict at school.  Which is fine, but it is just one more change for the kids.  Emily told me last week that she just feels like she can't do anything at school or here either so she doesn't know what to do with her energy/anger that she is feeling.  This is were it is SO hard to not have her in soccer this season.  She is missing the fun, but also the outlet, activity, and teamwork.  Basketball season is right around the corner though!  We have had lots of talks lately about respect and attitudes, but also about how God has something for each of us here.  Someone special told me that - God didn't just move us here for Jeff's job - He has something special planned for each one of us.

Jeff has been doing a small devotion with us each weekend.  Tonight we talked about what season we are in.  Then we all shared what we like most and least about being in North Carolina.  Jeff and I shared the same:  We like that we followed God's lead and are on an adventure.  We don't like not having our own house and all the driving.  Emily shared:  She likes that it isn't going to snow every other day this winter.  She doesn't like getting up so early.  Evan shared:  He likes that we are going to live here.  He doesn't like that everyone is so crazy about the Panthers here!  LOL!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Since He Didn't Want To Come Down Himself And Make A Scene!

Yesterday morning I started a Bible study.  I was certain when I found the list of studies at Calvary Church in Charlotte, that "Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted" by Priscilla Shirer sounded very much like something I needed!!

I was nervous yesterday driving the way that the GPS took me, which was on the two main interstates instead of the loop around the city.  Lots of traffic and several accidents.  I was nervous driving up to the ginormous church...there are so many entrances, where do I go??  When I got to the lot and parked I checked my email again.

I had a message from Stacie, whom I have not talked to or seen in years:
Hey Amy. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. God has put you on my heart this morning. I know how hard moving is, and I know you are still adjusting. I am praying for your family to know that God is with you in this, and He is seeing you through. Praying for some new, Godly friendships for you! ~Stacie

I had a text from my dear friend Kendra:  
Remeber they r ur sister friends! They r not strangers they just have not had the privilege to know u yet!!

I was blessed.  I felt completely normal and at ease walking in to the church, following the droves of women, going up the escalator (um yeah, an escalator), and walking into my classroom.  The teacher made me instantly at ease.  I was excited to share with the 13 or so other women my story and introduce myself...when will it be my turn?  Have I EVER thought that??  I HATE introductions usually.  The stories in that room were amazing and were all woven together with similarities.  I don't think any of them are originally from here so they were all understanding.  I felt as though I had instant sisters.  As I put on my facebook yesterday, I am so glad that no matter where you go there are always sisters in Christ.  I am certain that this is the class where I am supposed to be right now.  And I think that God used Stacie and Kendra yesterday morning to come down and give me a hug, tell me it is ok, and that He is with me.  He used them since He didn't want to come down Himself and make a scene I guess!!!  LOL!  What a blessing that Stacie and Kendra followed His prompting.

A few things that Priscilla Shirer says in the first part of the study:

"We planned one thing for our lives, and yet our current situation looks nothing like what we had in mind.  Someone tampered with our ambitions, goals, and dreams.  The yellow-brick road of our lives veered off in some unexpected direction."   "If He is our priority and His will is our primary purpose, then when the "word of the LORD" comes to us or when He allows us to see His hand in our circumstances, we must see it as an esteemed opportunity to participate in kingdom purposes."   "Interruptions only become positive when we consider the person or the circumstance interrupting to be more significant than that which currently occupies our attention."   "When we signed up to follow Christ, we automatically signed up to be open to "Divine Intervention"--God interruptions.  While His "call" might not always be convenient or easy, responding to it should not just be a duty but our joy."

It was SO kind of Ms. Shirer to write this study for me!  LOL :)  Actually, in all seriousness, I know that my "situation" is not dire and others have situations that they are facing that are horrible and beyond explanation.  I hope that this can be an encouragement to you too.

Monday, September 12, 2011

On A Positive Note

We are beginning our 4th week of being here - Jeff's 5th week.  This morning his truck decided that it isn't enjoying the workout every day.  We are relieved to find out that the leak in the thermostat is fixable and will be repaired today for $250. On a positive note, we are thankful that he noticed that his temperature was 'off.'  It could have been worse!
A park in Huntersville yesterday.
I have got to remember that we are ALL going through this.  Lately I have focused on myself so much and the impact that moving has had on me.  There are 3 other bodies that are going through a change!  Everyone has told me that kids can handle this type of change, and for the most part I think our kids have done fantastic with things.  Do you ever feel like you are in the midst of something that is changing your kids forever?  I have had that thought a lot lately and I shove it aside because it scares me.  I am harder on them for some things that I normally wouldn't be because we are living in someone elses space and I don't want them to be an annoyance/nuisance.  And yet I am letting them get away with other things because I want to compensate.  Ugh.  The kids are picking on each other/fighting more than normal, but they are around each other constantly.  Emily seems thoroughly frustrated/angry with us and Evan most of the time and jumps down our throats at the blink of an eye.  Evan is testing his limits constantly and whining quite a bit.  Jeff and I are not as emotionally available to them as we should be.  We are tired, we are processing this, and we are just trying to get through.  Do you ever feel like you are just doing life 'next to' each other instead of 'with' each other?  Every so often we get in these slumps.  And right now is one of them. We are fine, but if you think of it, pray that Jeff and I do life together instead of separately right now.   It is hard to be ourselves/our little family unit right now.  Although on a positive note, Tony and Sue wanting to do stuff with the kids is awesome for us and Em and Ev right now since we aren't being all we should be to them.  And it is mostly awesome grandparent training for Tony and Sue (until Tony hurt his leg playing tennis with the kids Saturday.  He is on the mend though!)  My prayer for this week is to be the mom and wife that God wants me to be - to be available and interested in what/who needs my attention.

We had two more people come look at our house this past weekend.  No takers.  On a positive - it is great that we have had so many showings.   There at least is still interest in the house.  My faith is becoming a bit stronger that God has a buyer in the absolute perfect timing. 

I just wanted to mention that last Thursday we met up with another blessing.  When our friends, Jason & Christy Borg, found out that we were coming to the Charlotte area they quickly hooked us up on facebook with two couples that they have been friends with for a long time who live here.  These two ladies have been awesome providing me with information and support before we even got here.  Well, Thursday the kids and I stayed down in our area after school in order to go to the scouting recruitment night at 6:30.  One of these new facebook friends, Mandy who lives minutes from the school, offered to meet up with us and chit chat.  It was a complete blessing to meet her and be reassured from someone else who lives hours away from her family!!  When I got to girl scout night I had already felt taken care of by God by my time with Mandy and really was just  ready to sign papers and get home - it is exhausting to kill time sometimes!  Then God said "Here's some more for you" and the mom across from me struck up a conversation, said that she moved here last year from Connecticut and offered me lots of info about the school and gave me her information.  Our daughters will be in a Jr. Scout troop together.

I also am continuing to receive encouragement through emails and texts from friends back home!  Even from those who I didn't expect it from...  I keep thinking - have I ever been this supportive to my friends going through something big??   Amazing!  That is what you guys are to me! 

In my last post I said that it had been easy to see God in each moment.  This is just a bit of it.  He does this for everyone - not just for me.  What did He bless you with today??  What are you thankful for?  What is the positive in each situation you are in?  I used to be a pretty "the glass is half empty" kind of person, but I made a conscious effort to try to see the positive in things a few years back and I am SO thankful that a new habit was formed. (Even though old habits make a reappearance every now and then - I can throw a pity party like no other!).  My mentor and friend, Pat started me with a simple exercise years ago.  Write down 10 things you are thankful, when I started it was hard to come up with them...   I am happier and more content.  Those who have been friends with me for longer than 4 or 5 years can attest to the change and are thankful for it I'm sure!  See - the first thing on your list of things you are thankful for - you don't have to be around an Amy who's being a Negative Nellie!! (at least for today)  :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roller Coaster

So, I guess I will have bad days and good days!  I hope more good than bad though!  I hope you guys can stick with me for this roller coaster ride.  I really feel like I am a roller coaster of emotions right now...what a wild ride!  I truly have so much support and am thankful for you all!!  Since my last post it has not been hard to see God in a lot of my day...

Short weeks are nice!  Can't believe it is Thursday already!  Tuesday Sue got me out of the house and we went to the library.  Got some books on North Carolina and some books for Evan to read to us for his homework each evening (he is getting so good!)  Yesterday I felt great.  Got going early and went down to the Matthews area to explore some.  Found some consignment shops that had some great furniture, got a pattern at Michael's for a patchwork shower curtain, had lunch with Jeff at a really great Mexican restaurant.  Went to an Old Time Pottery store and ran out of time.  Fun!  Got a call that our house will be shown on Friday afternoon...maybe they will be the ones.  Went by the house and the block/foundation is almost done.  Lumber should be delivered next week.  I bought us some tickets for next Friday evening to go to the NHRA Nationals at the Drag Track here in Charlotte/Concord.  Something we've never done...I am excited about it even if it is car stuff.  I talked to my parents and Kendra, too.  Then I made dinner - tried two new recipes and pulled it off...they were yummy and everyone liked it.  Like I said, good day!

The kids are doing ok.  Evan has had a head cold this week, but seemed to be a bit better sounding this morning.  We all started our vitamins this week.  The kids have both met some kids here in Tony and Sue's neighborhood to play with.  They are enjoying school for the most part and making friends easily.  Tonight is scouting night open house.  Emily, of course, will need a Jr. Scout troop (she's been in scouts for 4 years now) and Evan is super excited, wanting to be a boy scout.  I don't like the popcorn, so I am not sure about  He and Jeff are already talking about the little car they will build together.  Emily just finished her "me poster/collage" assignment for her class.  She did awesome.  And Aunt Sue taught and helped her sew a pillow case.

This morning I cut out and sewed together a small quilting project.  It was fun!  It certainly helps having someone right there to help you and all the right supplies.   I can't show you what I made though - Christmas is right around the corner! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Afternoon Tears

It is raining and I am crying.  I have cried more in the past few weeks than I have all year...I just don't do it much.

So, I think that weekends are going to be the hardest for us for awhile.  The routine of the week - even the driving - gives us purpose and direction.  When the weekend arrives, we have no real responsibilities, no plans, no energy, no desire to drive anywhere...which leads to me laying around, thinking about home, family, and friends and becoming sad.  Am I depressed?  I hope not.  I hope I am just mourning.  I was feeling rather abandoned by God today - which means I am the one that left - because His Word says He will never leave me or abandon me.  I know better than to not be spending tons of time with Him right now.  There is an enemy who would so love to destroy me with this change.  So, on goes some klove (this song was on:  "Lift Me Up" by The Afters ) and "devotions on major life changes" was my google search.  Here are some of the tidbits I took from these that I need to remember.

A great acronym:

During this change each minute has a gift from God/a blessing for me if I choose to see it.  Will I look for/expect them?  Will I see this change as an opportunity to grow closer to Him as I see Him intimately involved in my life in every moment, or will I choose to feel as though He is not there?

Another devotion entitled, Crossing Rivers, was fantastic.  Click on the words to read it.  I have always loved devotions about our "path" and how God guides us on our path and what happens when we lose our way, etc.  In fact, a few years ago I started collecting verses and hope to one day write something up about our path in life according to His Word.  Anyway, this devotion was so pertinent to my path and this change.  It does feel like I am walking right into a rushing river right now.  I feel like if my focus falters I can be swept under so easily right now.  It is unfamiliar, it is hard, it is exhausting just standing here, it feels like I am not going to make it to the other side.  All around me people are rushing around, in their familiar, busy, and comfortable lives as I stand here hoping to not go under.  I am already in so far that I can't turn around.  We are committed.  Jeff has a job, God is blessing us, Tony and Sue are blessing us, the kids are enrolled in school, they have started building our house.  We are in this.  I have to keep going - staying in the middle of the river is not an option.  I can try to flounder and use up my strength, I can call out to those on the shore I left and ask for help but their replies are distant (although they do lift me up some).  If I call out to Him and rely on Him to carry me I can do this.  This is of Him.  I did pray about entering this river and did follow His lead.  This was NOT my doing, nor my decision to walk into this crazy river!  Like His children of Israel, He will get me to the other side.  He may not part the waters completely for me though.  It may be extremely challenging, but I need to let Him carry me to the other side.

The other part of this devotion talks about making sure you have a firm foundation built on Him so that you can make it through the downpours that come unexpectantly.  So, it hit me how our builder for our new home has told us no less than 3 times how our house is going to be built on solid and firm ground.  When we walked around on our lot the day we purchased, we noticed some really cool rocks.  We asked the builder if they could scoop those over to the side for us to use in our landscaping later.  He agreed.  The pile has gotten quite taller than me!  When I drove by last week and saw them digging the footers I pulled over, rolled down the window, and took some pictures.  I even heard the metal of the shovel scraping the rock as they tried to dig.  Yes, I don't believe this house is going to go anywhere.  It will be built on firm foundation.  This was something the builder was excited to tell us and I was excited to pass on to my dad - because it is a good thing!  You don't want to exactly pass on to others, 'Guess what?  They are building our house on a swampy, low area, with some sand in it!'  Well, I am glad our house isn't going to sink, but I want to be prepared in life too - when the downpours come (which they will) I want to say 'Yes, I don't believe this girl is going anywhere...He is my foundation and He is true and sure and will not sink, nor will I!!' 

"Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it." (Matthew 7:24-27)

Help me Lord, to see you in every moment blessing me during this change.  Help me to make You my foundation daily. Help me to rise above my circumstances and allow you to carry me through this river to the other side!

Friday, September 2, 2011

No fried food?? What kind of festival is this??!!

Well, the first full week of school is done.  The kids are settling in to a routine somewhat.  Meeting new friends.  Making some 'get to know you' projects for class.  Getting up early.  Complaining.  Going to bed early.  Complaining.  Life is rough.
Here is Evan's car of the class train for the hallway.  Emily is still working on her poster collage and I will post a picture soon.

As I was driving to school on Wednesday to help with the project in Emily's classroom I prayed and asked God to help me to meet people and to provide me with friends here.  I remembered how He has been testing my patience in most things lately and not giving me what I want immediately, so I told myself that it might be awhile before any connections are made here and I need to be okay with that.  The first mom, Petrina, who came in to help made a comment in a lovely accent that her kids are new to the school this year.  I excitedly said, "mine too!"  We quickly compared stories and found a lot in common with our situations.  Her daughter is in Emily's class and she has a son in first grade and a fifth grader also.  They have only been in the area for a week, moved by her husband's job, and are living with her in-laws because they don't have a house yet.  They moved here from Ireland!!  Wow!!  Now, THAT is a move!  But, it was neat to talk about what we had found out so far and what we were still clueless about.  We agreed to stay in contact to be a support to one another.  Another mom, Erin, came in to help also.  Her kids have been at Wesley Chapel all through school, but she moved to this area about 10 years ago.  So, she also knew what it was like for us.  She offered some great insight to the school, teachers, area, doctors, dentists, etc.  I left the school beaming mostly because God is SO good to me.  It was such an encouragement and He again provided that because He loves me.  And the project - it was just mindless grunt work while the kids were at lunch - so it was perfect socializing time :) 

We have been trying to be patient as the building permits had to 'appear' before our house could start.  I was thrilled to see that the footers were dug Wednesday morning. 
Huge rocks while they are trying to dig the footers.
They are leaving them in piles for me to use in my landscaping!!

I have spent the last two days trying to figure out knitting.  Teaching myself with a book and some youtube videos.  I got the 'casting on' pretty quickly.  But I could not figure out the knit stitch for anything!!  I was getting so frustrated.  Not to mention there are two different ways to do it and they suggest one is for right-handed people and one is for left-handed people.  So I kept trying to do the right-handed or 'continental' method.  It was NOT happening.  Then I watched a video on the other method 'English' method (or 'German' or 'American' or 'Throwing' apparently) and it was pretty easy after that.  So, step two done. Yay for me! Are you proud, Jenny?

When I picked the kids up after school today Emily was excited to tell me that she was chosen as the "Star Student" from her classroom for the week.  Her teacher told the class that she would never have known that she was new to the school. Proud of her!  Now, if she can tone down the sass...  After school we drove the one mile to our house and watched the guys laying block.  Evan was amazed...he said "That sure is a lot of hard work! How much are you paying them for that??" and "I could just watch them all day!"  He really enjoyed it.  Emily helped me measure the windows in the model home so I can start looking for window treatments and we visited with Rachelle some.  She was loving me today since I sent Petrina there to look into houses - since she needs one!  Maybe a future in sales for me?
The block layers working hard...and, yes, I paid them a lot!!
We then picked up Jeff and went to the Matthews Alive! festival that is like their 'fall festival.' Wow.  Let me just say that we are SO spoiled by the Fall Festival in Evansville.  It was 98 degrees out.  There were probably 7-10 food booths (nothing unique or that made you say "ew") and then rides and games we weren't going to do. Nothing was marked so we never did  find the craft area which is why I wanted to go.  The street was open to traffic at first so cars kept going by and the kids were wandering around while Jeff was talking the latest cell phone lingo with the Verizon booth guys.  I became a bit irritated by it all - or maybe it was just my shirt sticking to my sweaty self??  (hrm, it sounds funny now...)  So after getting a few freebies and Evan using a port-a-potty (of course) we left.  Found us a Texas Roadhouse and had some grub.  Needless to say, we are thankful to be coming home for the festival of all festivals in a few festival will ever replace it!  :)