Monday, September 19, 2011

We're a Bit More Southern Now

Jeff, Evan, and Emily with Frankenstein ears - I mean earplugs - at the races.
Friday evening we became a bit more Southern by attending an event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Complex.  We went the NHRA Drag Racing Qualifications.  (Baby steps - it was NOT a NASCAR event, but it was racing and there were lots of men drinkin' beer and a few skinny, large busted trophy girlfriends.) It was a fun evening, except it was really quite chilly...the type that when you sit on a metal bleacher your butt stays cold for a long time after you get up.  We probably stuck out like a sore thumb when we all gasped, ooed, awed, and laughed after the first funny car race.  It was so loud that everything vibrated around us and on us!  Is that why they are called funny cars?  Hrm...

Our house is moving along.  Now that it looks like a house I am very excited!!  This week they will get the heating/air, electric, plumbing, roof done.  Next week drywall!   I have been 'just looking' at curtains, shower curtains, furniture, etc. for a few weeks now.  It is odd how my tastes are changing some.  I am starting to get in to the antiquey type of stuff.  Shabby Chic - LOVE it!!  And I've decided since I will have more counter space I NEED a glass cake stand with a lid to have on my counter, displaying whatever goodie we tend to always have made.  Which leads me to report that I did finally make it back to a Weight Watchers meeting today. 

I have finished my first official quilting project - and really enjoyed it!  Tomorrow evening I am taking a quilting class - a gift from Sue.  How nice is that?

I think that the kids are having a hard time right now.  We have had to clamp down on some attitude issues as of late and get more firm.  There have been quite a few tears.  Evan told me he wanted to go home yesterday.

Last week both of the kids had unfortunate stuff happen at school.  I felt bad for them!!  Emily had a sub teacher last week who put her in charge of monitoring whether the class was being quiet during a bathroom break.  The sub clearly told the whole class that Emily was to tell her if anyone talked at all. (I think that should be the teacher's job, but no one asked me!)  Well, of course, one of Emily's new friends was the only one who talked.  Emily knew she needed to be honest so she told the teacher.  And, now, Brianna says that Emily is not her friend anymore.  Great.  Another day last week Evan's shoe strap broke.  Sketchers that had only been worn for 2 1/2 weeks - they got an email from me needless to say.  Anyway, when he was in line at the end of the day the little boy behind him was stepping on the back of his shoes and so Evan turned around to tell him to stop-that his shoe was broken.  Well, of course, Evan got busted for talking.  We have since talked to his teacher and it is all good...that little boy actually has been in a lot of trouble so it wasn't a surprise to them when we explained.  It is definitely more strict at school.  Which is fine, but it is just one more change for the kids.  Emily told me last week that she just feels like she can't do anything at school or here either so she doesn't know what to do with her energy/anger that she is feeling.  This is were it is SO hard to not have her in soccer this season.  She is missing the fun, but also the outlet, activity, and teamwork.  Basketball season is right around the corner though!  We have had lots of talks lately about respect and attitudes, but also about how God has something for each of us here.  Someone special told me that - God didn't just move us here for Jeff's job - He has something special planned for each one of us.

Jeff has been doing a small devotion with us each weekend.  Tonight we talked about what season we are in.  Then we all shared what we like most and least about being in North Carolina.  Jeff and I shared the same:  We like that we followed God's lead and are on an adventure.  We don't like not having our own house and all the driving.  Emily shared:  She likes that it isn't going to snow every other day this winter.  She doesn't like getting up so early.  Evan shared:  He likes that we are going to live here.  He doesn't like that everyone is so crazy about the Panthers here!  LOL!

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