Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roller Coaster

So, I guess I will have bad days and good days!  I hope more good than bad though!  I hope you guys can stick with me for this roller coaster ride.  I really feel like I am a roller coaster of emotions right now...what a wild ride!  I truly have so much support and am thankful for you all!!  Since my last post it has not been hard to see God in a lot of my day...

Short weeks are nice!  Can't believe it is Thursday already!  Tuesday Sue got me out of the house and we went to the library.  Got some books on North Carolina and some books for Evan to read to us for his homework each evening (he is getting so good!)  Yesterday I felt great.  Got going early and went down to the Matthews area to explore some.  Found some consignment shops that had some great furniture, got a pattern at Michael's for a patchwork shower curtain, had lunch with Jeff at a really great Mexican restaurant.  Went to an Old Time Pottery store and ran out of time.  Fun!  Got a call that our house will be shown on Friday afternoon...maybe they will be the ones.  Went by the house and the block/foundation is almost done.  Lumber should be delivered next week.  I bought us some tickets for next Friday evening to go to the NHRA Nationals at the Drag Track here in Charlotte/Concord.  Something we've never done...I am excited about it even if it is car stuff.  I talked to my parents and Kendra, too.  Then I made dinner - tried two new recipes and pulled it off...they were yummy and everyone liked it.  Like I said, good day!

The kids are doing ok.  Evan has had a head cold this week, but seemed to be a bit better sounding this morning.  We all started our vitamins this week.  The kids have both met some kids here in Tony and Sue's neighborhood to play with.  They are enjoying school for the most part and making friends easily.  Tonight is scouting night open house.  Emily, of course, will need a Jr. Scout troop (she's been in scouts for 4 years now) and Evan is super excited, wanting to be a boy scout.  I don't like the popcorn, so I am not sure about  He and Jeff are already talking about the little car they will build together.  Emily just finished her "me poster/collage" assignment for her class.  She did awesome.  And Aunt Sue taught and helped her sew a pillow case.

This morning I cut out and sewed together a small quilting project.  It was fun!  It certainly helps having someone right there to help you and all the right supplies.   I can't show you what I made though - Christmas is right around the corner! 

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