Monday, September 12, 2011

On A Positive Note

We are beginning our 4th week of being here - Jeff's 5th week.  This morning his truck decided that it isn't enjoying the workout every day.  We are relieved to find out that the leak in the thermostat is fixable and will be repaired today for $250. On a positive note, we are thankful that he noticed that his temperature was 'off.'  It could have been worse!
A park in Huntersville yesterday.
I have got to remember that we are ALL going through this.  Lately I have focused on myself so much and the impact that moving has had on me.  There are 3 other bodies that are going through a change!  Everyone has told me that kids can handle this type of change, and for the most part I think our kids have done fantastic with things.  Do you ever feel like you are in the midst of something that is changing your kids forever?  I have had that thought a lot lately and I shove it aside because it scares me.  I am harder on them for some things that I normally wouldn't be because we are living in someone elses space and I don't want them to be an annoyance/nuisance.  And yet I am letting them get away with other things because I want to compensate.  Ugh.  The kids are picking on each other/fighting more than normal, but they are around each other constantly.  Emily seems thoroughly frustrated/angry with us and Evan most of the time and jumps down our throats at the blink of an eye.  Evan is testing his limits constantly and whining quite a bit.  Jeff and I are not as emotionally available to them as we should be.  We are tired, we are processing this, and we are just trying to get through.  Do you ever feel like you are just doing life 'next to' each other instead of 'with' each other?  Every so often we get in these slumps.  And right now is one of them. We are fine, but if you think of it, pray that Jeff and I do life together instead of separately right now.   It is hard to be ourselves/our little family unit right now.  Although on a positive note, Tony and Sue wanting to do stuff with the kids is awesome for us and Em and Ev right now since we aren't being all we should be to them.  And it is mostly awesome grandparent training for Tony and Sue (until Tony hurt his leg playing tennis with the kids Saturday.  He is on the mend though!)  My prayer for this week is to be the mom and wife that God wants me to be - to be available and interested in what/who needs my attention.

We had two more people come look at our house this past weekend.  No takers.  On a positive - it is great that we have had so many showings.   There at least is still interest in the house.  My faith is becoming a bit stronger that God has a buyer in the absolute perfect timing. 

I just wanted to mention that last Thursday we met up with another blessing.  When our friends, Jason & Christy Borg, found out that we were coming to the Charlotte area they quickly hooked us up on facebook with two couples that they have been friends with for a long time who live here.  These two ladies have been awesome providing me with information and support before we even got here.  Well, Thursday the kids and I stayed down in our area after school in order to go to the scouting recruitment night at 6:30.  One of these new facebook friends, Mandy who lives minutes from the school, offered to meet up with us and chit chat.  It was a complete blessing to meet her and be reassured from someone else who lives hours away from her family!!  When I got to girl scout night I had already felt taken care of by God by my time with Mandy and really was just  ready to sign papers and get home - it is exhausting to kill time sometimes!  Then God said "Here's some more for you" and the mom across from me struck up a conversation, said that she moved here last year from Connecticut and offered me lots of info about the school and gave me her information.  Our daughters will be in a Jr. Scout troop together.

I also am continuing to receive encouragement through emails and texts from friends back home!  Even from those who I didn't expect it from...  I keep thinking - have I ever been this supportive to my friends going through something big??   Amazing!  That is what you guys are to me! 

In my last post I said that it had been easy to see God in each moment.  This is just a bit of it.  He does this for everyone - not just for me.  What did He bless you with today??  What are you thankful for?  What is the positive in each situation you are in?  I used to be a pretty "the glass is half empty" kind of person, but I made a conscious effort to try to see the positive in things a few years back and I am SO thankful that a new habit was formed. (Even though old habits make a reappearance every now and then - I can throw a pity party like no other!).  My mentor and friend, Pat started me with a simple exercise years ago.  Write down 10 things you are thankful, when I started it was hard to come up with them...   I am happier and more content.  Those who have been friends with me for longer than 4 or 5 years can attest to the change and are thankful for it I'm sure!  See - the first thing on your list of things you are thankful for - you don't have to be around an Amy who's being a Negative Nellie!! (at least for today)  :)

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