Monday, December 5, 2011

A Busy Week

Merry Christmas!
I am starting to feel a bit better from last week.  It is just going to take a while...I just need to realize that...and be ok with that.  I just feel weird...which I guess is normal - not like I've ever moved 9 hours away before.  If I could go back to Indiana now I'm not sure that I'd be happy there.  I have started putting down some roots I guess - otherwise I wouldn't feel that way.  It might be that we're this far in that we can't turn back now without more stress than what it would take to just keep moving forward!!!  I'll just look at it as a positive and say that I'm starting to get used to it here.  I like it here...if we had to move this far, I'm glad it was here!  It is still hard though.  Going to have my ups and downs.

Jeff had another late night of work on Friday night so I took the kids to McDonald's and some froyo.  Saturday we ran errands then I enjoyed a bubble bath then we had frozen pizza and watched Elf together.  Yesterday we started the morning at the last church on our list - Next Level Church.  All four of us enjoyed this church.  I felt very comfortable there.  It is probably most similar to what we came from - but yet still so different!  It is about 15-17 minutes from our house, has children church and middle school/high school church.  The worship was great - Jeff really liked the music.  The pastor was great - taught scripture.  They have more of a team of pastors here, so we need to go back to hear the other pastors.  The four of us have decided to revisit this church and also Southbrook - the one we went to first.  I am ready to decide and settle in and get involved!!  Yesterday evening I went to a Christmas Concert at a local very large Methodist Church with another mom who I met at school at the Spring Fling meeting.  She is from Rhode Island and just came here this summer.  It was good to get out with someone and do something fun to get me more in the Christmas spirit.  It was some amazing music!!  Wow!  Alison and I are going to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I've started the week off well - I set my alarm clock in our bathroom instead of right by my head so that I'd actually get up when it goes off.  I do so much better when I am up and have had my quiet time before the kids get up!  I planned meals for this week on Friday and have gotten the ingredients, so I know what to make all week.  Went for a walk with my neighbor Mary Kay - we had some really great conversation today and really have a lot in common.  I am thankful for this new friendship!  And after texting with Lynette for a minute about how weird we both are feeling at times I got a call from her!  It was so nice to hear her sweet voice!  And to hear more about how our experiences right now are so similar.  We are not alone...

Stairway Gallery - I've always wanted to do this!
We have a busy week coming up.  Emily has a Christmas program Tuesday evening at school, scouts Wednesday evening, and basketball practice Thursday evening.  I have coffee tomorrow, weight watchers meeting (yes my first one here since we moved) on Wednesday, and helping in Evan's classroom on Thursday.  I am planning some time to do a few types of Christmas cookies/candy in the next week.  I asked Mary Kay if she wants to do some, too.  That way we can make a lot and visit and trade cookies, etc. 

Part of today's devotion out of Jesus Calling:    'Let My Presence override everything you experience.  Like a luminous veil of Light, I hover over you and everything around you.  I am training you to stay conscious of Me in each situation you encounter.'

If only I was conscious of Him in every situation I much different would I be?  How would I respond differently to things?  Help me Lord to remember Your Presence hovering over me always!

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