Sunday, January 8, 2012

Praying for Clarity - as Clear as the Carolina Skies!

Happy New Year!  Yeah, I'm a little late with that!  We had a fun time with Steve and Wendy and their girls on the 31st...but by the time they left I was feeling pretty rotten again.  The next morning I was congested and clogged up and low on energy (and it wasn't from lack of sleep - I was in bed before the new year unfortunately!)  So...we didn't get to church or the small group that we were going to go to.  I just did not have the energy in me to go and meet new people.  But, we are still on track to meet up with this Life Group at their next meeting time - next Sunday after church.  Jeff had Monday off and the kids headed back to school.  It was fun getting to hang out with him all day!  The kids had a rough week getting back into the groove of things with getting up early.  Evan tried to push his limits a bit by perfuming the cat and flushing a plastic dixie cup down the toilet.  After I freaked a bit and poked holes in the cup by using a utility knife (which only lodged it so deep I couldn't reach it), Jeff saved the day by pushing it all the way through with an auger. Which totally reminded me of the time that Evan put a very teeny Polly Pockets plastic hairbow up his nose and right when I thought I was going to get it out he snuffed and it went up so far I couldn't see it.  Jeff couldn't save the day that time though and we had to have the Dr take care of that!  Emily and Jeff had their first basketball game on Friday night.  She played hard the entire game - even though they lost.  They have a lot of timid, first time players on the team who don't know the game - Emily is playing with girls 1 and 2 years older than her, but you wouldn't know it.   It was hard to watch, but they only have room to improve from here!

The bunco group in the neighborhood is a go!  We didn't have any problem getting 12 regular players in the neighborhood and 3 subs...and people are moving in all the time with houses going up like they are.  I will be hosting this month and teaching everyone how to play - not sure anyone has played! 

I started painting our downstairs living room on Thursday.  I am on a roll now and have painted some every day since then!  The living room is tan and a darker tan - I will probably extend those two colors into the kitchen as well.  I got some green for our morning room today.  The painting will continue this week!  Pictures will come soon!

Monday morning I met with Kathy about the ministry that they have at our church for women.  She is the unofficial volunteer in charge.  I asked her what she thought about me doing a Bible Study in my home one morning a week.  She thought it sounded great - definitely something they need (they only have two going on - so this would provide another opportunity for women).  The problem - they don't know me from anyone.  It was so different for me to be told that after being so involved at CFC in Evansville for so long that enough people knew me and could 'vouch' for me!  I totally respect that though.  She ended up talking to the LifeGroups Pastor and they want me to take a short class about Southbrook and what they believe and then Kathy would be a part of the Bible Study for the first few times so she can observe/be there for support and back up, etc.  I am still praying about this.  I want to make sure that this is what I'm supposed to do.  I'm not completely convinced I don't think.

I am praying for clarity on the above and also whether I need to do something for just a little bit exra income.  The kids are going to need to be signed up for spring sports soon which unfortunately are very much more expensive than in Indiana.  I am considering selling Thirty One (purses, lunchbags, cutsie stuff with embroidery).  That would be fun, something I can control time involvement/committment, and just a bit extra to use on the kids activities.  Ironically (or not), I also received an email this week from Uncle Tony  telling me that he knows of an at-home RN job in Charlotte.  I am getting more information on this.  I am not positive that I am interested, but it doesn't hurt to see.  I need clarity on what my purpose here is.  Jeff does not say I need to work.  When we chose to move here we decided that I would not have to.  He will support me if I do though.  I want to be available to the kids and be able to spend time volunteering a school and church as much as I can, so I am not sure that a 'real' job fits right now...but God will show me I'm sure. 

Church this morning was awesome!  It is so nice to already start recognizing faces.  The music, worship, and message were all great.  Some notes I took:  Few people make a difference by accident.  No one makes a difference without passion.  The pastor asked us to uncover what we're passionate about (spiritually).  I think I can answer this.  Connecting people.  Serving others.  Helping them grow.  He suggested that we let what we do be driven by our passions. 

I have been praying a lot while painting this week about where I should serve, what I should do, do I need to work?  Should I get involved with this or that?  I need clarity!  It seemed clear during church today that if I know what my passion is - shouldn't what I'm doing line up with that?  So, it seems like hosting a Bible Study lines up with that.  I am nervous about it though.  I guess since I will be observed...and technically, I really haven't facilitated one before.  I've filled in for others, I've done short talks, I 'led' a small group with Jeff...but I haven't done this.  Am I a good hostess?  Although, I have felt the need to open our home since we have the room for that now.

I still feel confused though.  Confusion is not from Him.  Praying for clarity...

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